in the midst of constant change

friends – when i tell you life has been absolutely insane lately i mean it. between moving, friendships, family, traveling absolutely everywhere, and not remembering where i packed what, i have somewhat lost my mind more than once. BUT, Jesus, He provides and holds it all together, oh so much better than i ever could.

with the crazy change and constant insanity of life has come a lot (a ton) of learning. sometimes i feel like i am constantly sitting in a classroom and being handed lesson after lesson after lesson. it can be hard sometimes, because i AM human and extremely impatient, but these lessons, i hold them close to my heart, and i wanted to share some of them with you today. from my heart to yours, yes?!? okay, let’s do it:

be thankful – no matter how shattered and broken my heart may be, or how crazy i feel sometimes with how much is happening, there is always a reason to be so thankful. Jesus still reigns and loves us unconditionally. we are breathing, living, and here for a purpose. and our hearts, they are gold. they are soaking in these life moments and things, so we can share them with the people we meet and see. these are things to be thankful for.

take it all in, take a breath – this is something i struggle with. i constantly want to go and do everything. to be involved in everything. to encourage and uplift others. and while all of this can be good, it can be bad for us too. when we get so caught up in going and running and racing, we can forget to take care of ourselves too. so sit back, breathe, and relax. it’s okay to learn. Jesus loves to teach us things, He loves when we open up our hearts and rest in His goodness. so let’s do that. love well and be well loved. rest today.

take care of yourself – wowowow, yes, taking care of you is so important. going off of what i said in my last point, it is okay to rest. take care of yourself. eat your favorite food, cook, dance, take pictures, go outside, take a walk, listen to music, watch that show you adore, watch youtube videos, sing, spend time with friends and family, do what you love and love every second you are doing it. make sure you are sleeping, and take a minute to breathe and embrace how loved you are.

be a friend and have a friend – i cannot talk enough about having amazing friends and being an amazing friend. surround yourself with people to love you in your mess, but also love you so much that they don’t let you stay there. and be that for them. don’t be discouraged if you don’t have that yet. Jesus. Will. Provide. and friends: LOVE your friend. be there for them. none of you are perfect but that does not mean you can’t be there for that friend. we need you. we need both of you. we need all of you. cry for each other and with each other. give hugs. have small parties and share the joy in your hearts with each other. talk about life, don’t be afraid to do that. it is SO important to have good friends. and it is SO important to just be there. love well, be light. go through the painful, hard, life things together. share hope. there is so much of it everywhere.

give big hugs  – people, don’t be so quick to put down other people by their outward appearance. someone could have the absolute biggest and brightest smile on their face but inside, they could be the most shattered and broken human. i think as humans, we tend to want to keep it all together for others, but inside we are screaming for someone to just listen. so, person reading this: listen. be the one who listens. be the one who is understanding. be the person who wraps their arms around the broken and hurting and just says “hey, i’m here, and i will listen” share of the hope and joy of Jesus, love that person with His unending and deep, fierce love. give big hugs. and lend a shoulder to cry on.

come onnnn, guys. our God is SO good to us, yes?!?! love well and be well loved. and thank you for stopping by my blog today to hear what is on my mind. i am thankful for YOU.

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  1. Miss Emma, you are very old for your age. The blog that you have sounds more like a little older then you are. I believe that Jesus is working through you. Amazing how mature you really are. I could listen to you
    all day every day. God bless you and keep up the good work. You are refreshing. Love you Aunt DeeDee


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